June 14, 2024
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Pundi X – Blockchain-based POS

Peko Wan is co-CEO of Pundi X, which has been deploying their blockchain-based point-of-sale (POS) solution and solidifying partnerships with governments, payment companies, and retailers around the world.

Why you should listen

Pundi X is a blockchain payments ecosystem.

XPOS is the leading blockchain-based Point-of-Sale solution, enabling merchants to accept crypto payments or sell cryptocurrency in a physical shop. Running on the Android operating system, XPOS equips merchants with the capability to capture data in QR codes, as well as support NFC applications. Verified merchants can allocate funds between cashier and sales account as well as monitor their transactions via the merchant portal. The solution integrates Ethereum and BNB smart chain, TRON, and Bitcoin Lightning networks and supports popular blockchain wallets, including Muun Wallet, Metamask, Trust, f(x)Wallet, and more.

Pundi X Chain is a dedicated payment-focused blockchain in the Function X network. It is specially designed to perform high throughput transactions with low latency and low transaction fees. In addition, it provides room for future compliance requirement upgrades, hardware (XPOS) integration, and Point-of-Sales compatibility, with tokenonomics that offer incentives to merchants and payment processors.

The consensus mechanism for processing transactions and creating new blocks in Pundi X Chain is proof of stake. Holders can delegate PUNDIX coins to receive PURSE as block reward and PUNDIX reward generated by the network transaction fees.

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